Berlin Tape Run 2, Report


With the handing over of the cassette to Midori Hirano at Rosenthaler Platz in Mitte last Wednesday, the Berlin Tape Run 2 has started.

picture by midori hirano


On the 7th of May, on Weinmeisterstrasse in Mitte, Midori gave the tape to Erik Levander

picture by erik levander


On the 11th of May, Erik Levander went to visit Kreuzberg and Neukölln. In the late afternoon, on Donaustrasse, he gave the tape to Angie Nina Yeowell.

picture by marc mccoin


In the early afternoon of the 17th of May, at the Staalplaat store in Flughafenstrasse 38, Neukölln, Angie handed over the tape to Seiji Morimoto.

picture by seiji morimoto


On the 24th of May, at noon, Ernst Markus Stein came to the Dieffenbachstrasse in Kreuzberg to get the tape from Seiji.

picture by ernst markus stein


On the 7th of June, after a short break to celebrate the completion of side A, Markus travelled north to the Malplaquetstrasse in Wedding where, in the early evening, he delivered the tape to Helge Neidhardt aka Der Tapeman.


On the 18th of June Helge Neidhardt (aka Der Tapeman) handed over the tape to Joke Lanz. This happened in the Staalplaat store on the Flughafenstrasse between nine and ten o’clock in the evening.

picture by harold schellinx

picture by joke lanz

8. Bandrekorder ’59 wishes to remain incognito.


9. Between one run and another I (Rinus van Alebeek) was the postman. I got the tape on 30. June around 19.30  and managed to deliver it to Coco on 2. June shortly after 19.00. She took the tape in front of her house on Hermannstrasse, while protecting both of us from the rain with her umbrella.

picture by coco iris t.


On Saturday 9th of July, just before leaving town Coco gave the tape to Ruben Patino. This happened on Hermannstrasse, close to U-Bahnhof Boddinstrasse.


On the night of Monday 11th of July, Ruben gave the tape to me at Limbus Europae at the Kienitzerstrasse in Neukölln. The run had come to an end!


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