Work on Release in Progress: Four Corners of the Night

During the shortest night  of the year 2011 on the northern hemisphere, five persons went out to record some sounds.

Christoph Limbach took his bicycle, put on his binaurals and went out.

Anton Mobin went for a walk around the area of Belville in Paris.

He came home with recordings but also a nice report.

I (Rinus van Alebeek) took my bike and cycled to the Museuminsel.I sat in front of where once was Palast der Republik, and listened for twenty minutes to the city rumbles, maybe even recorded the ghost of the former DDR-building.

Pierce Warnecke found himself in Montagny les Lanches, France. The family barn was full of objects. Pierce went in, the lights down and recorded.

Konrad Korabiewski was in Seydisfjördur, East Iceland where the night refuses to retreat into darkness. Everyone wonders what happened.

The next step is that four tracks of ten minutes each will be made out of all these recordings. Which means that everyone (Pierce and Christoph working as a duo) will use all the recorded sounds as source material.

The result will be released on a C40 tape.

2 thoughts on “Work on Release in Progress: Four Corners of the Night

  1. I would like to contact Arnold Staal as he has a film and recornings of my family from 1971 and we have a contract from that time to discuss.
    Thank you
    Bachir Attar


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