Out Now – Four Corners of the Night

Title: Four Corners of the Night
Artists: Anton Mobin, Rinus van Alebeek, Christoph Limbach, Pierce Warnecke
Idea, art work and production: Rinus van Alebeek
Track list:
Side 1
Bribes de Nuit – Anton Mobin
Berliner Schule – Rinus van Alebeek
<chance|eng> – Christoph Limbach
<chance|bré> – Christoph Limbach
<chance|cag> – Christoph Limbach
Abstrakt Intiem – Rinus van Alebeek
Anhalter Bahnhof – Rinus van Alebeek
Side 2
A Sparse Topography – Pierce Warnecke and Christoph Limbach
NoxoИ – Anton Mobin

All compositions come from original recordings made on 20/21 June during the shortest night of the year 2011. Recordings were made by Konrad Korabiewski in Eydistjorgur in Iceland, Pierce Warnecke in a barn in Montagny les Lanches, France, Anton Mobin on a walk in Belleville, Paris, Christoph Limbach on a bicycle ride in Berlin and Rinus van Alebeek on the Museuminsel in Berlin.

Total time: Forty Minutes
Price 5 Euro ( ex shipping)
Order from staaltape at staalplaat dot com

Four corners of the night is copied on a white chrome cassette. The cassette has been spray painted with mat and normal blue colour. The package is hand made from heavy black paper. The inlay information is hand written with a white and with a black pencil.

Four corners of the night can be listened to as a journey from the beginning to the end of the night, with all its density of a warm summer evening, the small mysterious sounds that appear when the whole town seems to be asleep and the start of the new day with all its activity. It is also a story in various episodes. Sounds that are prominent on one composition become less apparent once an other protagonist takes over and guides the listener in a different direction.

Of course there are many ways of listening. On a pure musical level it is a proof of virtuosity, and offers the listener also a possibility to investigate how different compositions can be made from the same source material. On a narrative level there are enough leads that can fuel the imagination and open up visions of a night on earth where-ever the proud possessor of this tape may find him- or herself.

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