Review of Three Cassettes by Ed Pinsent (The Sound Projector)

Earlier this year I sent three cassettes to Ed Pinsent of The Sound Projector. They were Berlin Tape Run2, Paris Tape Run2 and Four Corners of the Night. As usual I tried to make the packet look less boring:

Half a year later he had found some time to write this beautiful review:

“These hand-made cassettes on the Staaltape label arrived from Rinus van Alebeek in a parcel 9th March 2012.( snip )All three of these tapes are real head-scratchers, instantly puzzling and almost confusing tracts of sonic information which do almost nothing to explain themselves, served up with Rinus’ hand-written notes on raggedy scraps of paper which are wrapped around the cassettes. The beetles of intrigue are already rolling their snowballs of golden dung across my mind, and the spiders of surprise are spinning their platinum webs.”

read full article

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