Berlin Tape Run, DeLuxe version, one remains

On Sunday 26th of August I handed over one copy of the Berlin Tape Run, Deluxe version to a happy listener. It happened on a beautiful white cloud/blue sky sunny day in front of the entrance of the Bundestag in Berlin, while world-war-one-military-marching-band music came floating from Angela’s garden party.

As with all the staaltape releases that leave home base by post also this copy was packed in a special way. Only one copy of the Berlin Tape Run, DeLuxe version remains. This one, or the alternative pocket version are available at the shop


Announcing new releases by GoT and dj ShlucHT

The next Girls on Tape cassette will be released by staaltape. Come and see them on 29. August at Echo Bücher in Berlin. Perhaps your cheers and yells will become an integrated part of the soundtrack. Very special guest on this evening will be dj ShlucHT. He will play a solo set. Also a new Dj ShluchTcassette will be published by staaltape, hopefully before the end of the year.

Girls on Tape will play a loud set at West Germany in Berlin on 30. August.

Upcoming release: Hermannstrasse Atonal

Read about the experiment in this news article.  The ‘experiment’ hasn’t started yet. I expect a lot of people at the Hermannstrasse station once the atonal music will resound in the station’s area. I also expect musicians and non-musicians get there with their instruments and or gear and play along with this music.

I will go there too and make recordings.

I will go there too and make recordings. I will release a selection of the best moments on tape.
And who knows that this tape will be followed by a remixtape.



Some months later, the plan to use atonal music at the Hermannstraase station got abandoned.