June Crawford – What that says about me (full information + sound samples)

June Crawford arrived in the orbit of staaltape when he proposed to make radio shows for Radio On. In the fifth or sixth show that I listened to there was a long track that seemed to go on endlessly. It is side B on the new tape.

There are a lot of things to consider. The United States of America as a common denominator for dreams, desires, failures and despair is one of them. Let me start with the dream. I regard it as a timeless moment where-in everything is just perfect. If you have never experienced such a moment it is about time that you say farewell to the internet. Poor you.

Side B is called 2018, year of  glass. June plays guitar. He plays drums. He talks. Additional harmonious sounds float in the distance. If it is art, it is an expression of a something. If it is true, it is the vision of a something. Travel all night long. Live the years of your youth knowing that it will be over one day.

The moment in a car after hours of driving. The monotony stops. Landscape and cities disappear in sunlight. All goes on and on, but time hangs golden over this one moment that doesn’t end.

Memories are centrifugal. June Crawford manages to stop the movement, concentrate on that one image, and that’s where the monologue starts. John Steinbeck, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthry, Jack Kerouac. Strip them from their fame, step behind the mythology created by others, enter a world that exists at the other side of their works, the world we don’t know anything about, because they hid it so carefully for us. It is a pre-internet world.

June says that he’s a post-internet kid. It is at that point that he connects with the world that those famous people lived in when they were young. They could have met. And in a way they did, on this tape.

C40 ferric tape.
travels, recordings, monologue, drums, guitar by June Crawford
artwork by Rinus van Alebeek
dubbed from Sony WM D6C on Marantz CP430
limited edition of 21 numbered copies


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