back catalogue: special editions only

Though I have been thinking of making new editions of the label’s releases that were issued ever since it came back to life in 2010, it will be highly improbable that I will eventually decide to produce new copies.

However. If you are willing to invest a bit of money I will produce a one copy only edition. Likely features are the spraypainted tape, the special wrap. In addition I will spend considerable time to make a 4 or 8 page A5 booklet, no printing involved, all handmade, collaging and glueing and whatever comes up to mind.

The costs will be 52€, shipping included.

In the pictures you can see a proto-type. The new special editions will be more elaborate.

Available releases

Kantoor 1, 2 & 3

The three editions of kantoor are sold out with me. The staalplaat shop in Berlin also sold all of their copies of Kantoor 1.

Kantoor was released in cooperation with Petrichor Uitgevers in Deventer, the Netherlands. On their website you can find a list of authors. There you will find some of the kantoor artists. The best way to buy a copy is to get in touch with them or with petrichor.


The preparations for the production of kantoor 4 haven’t started yet.





Another February update – compilation of tracks from staaltape releases out now.

Released by ShanGORIL la Records in Singapore,

Keeping in mind the melodious approach of the label, I made a compilation of staaltape releases with a song structure. You can expect some earwurms on this compilation, and maybe the pop aspect will surprise you. The tracks on the tape were publsihed between 2010 and 2019.



February update: how to kantoor 1, 2, 3

My last copies of kantoor 2 are in these packets. If you want to get hold of kantoor 1, go to staalplaat, the shop. Jeroen Diepenmaat who took care of the zine production might have copies of all kantoor editions. Alternatively ask the artists who were involved in one of the three issues.