Kantoor 1, 2 & 3

The three editions of kantoor are sold out with me. The staalplaat shop in Berlin also sold all of their copies of Kantoor 1.

Kantoor was released in cooperation with Petrichor Uitgevers in Deventer, the Netherlands. On their website you can find a list of authors. There you will find some of the kantoor artists. The best way to buy a copy is to get in touch with them or with petrichor.


The preparations for the production of kantoor 4 haven’t started yet.





February update: how to kantoor 1, 2, 3

My last copies of kantoor 2 are in these packets. If you want to get hold of kantoor 1, go to staalplaat, the shop. Jeroen Diepenmaat who took care of the zine production might have copies of all kantoor editions. Alternatively ask the artists who were involved in one of the three issues.


review of kantoor and a short explanation of the kantoor series

kantoor: (Dutch) archaic word for office
Cantor, Kantor: first singer
Canto: (song; to sing a) long poem.

Focus on one definition and the other one blurs.

The kantoor series break the shell created by conditioned listening patterns.

“Conversations in foreign languages, unseen events; what is going on? Some of the recordings are so banal it’s beyond belief; I’m just not feeling the sublimation, if there’s any to be had.” – Ed Pinsent

full review

How to Kantoor 2


Geert Jan Hobijn, founder of staalplaat, illuminates the room with his copy of kantoor2.

I met Geert Jan during a Sunday coffee break after a visit to little Balkans, the wonderful flea market in the east of Berlin.

Geert Jan Hobijn, sound artist. 

Staalplaat, the label. GJ curates, designs and produces the artwork of the staalplaat (vinyl) releases.


kantoor2 – out now!


Dubbing process is still going on, but the first copies are ready to go. The kantoor series are dedicated to found sounds. Copied on a found C90, the release comes with a zine. Petrichor publishers in Deventer took care of the zine.

The sounds on the tape were found and assembled by Marcin Barski (Poland) Kristoffer Raasted ( Danmark) Roman Voronovsky ( Russia ) and Mark Vernon ( Scotland ). All four of them also provided text, collage and pictures for the zine. Additional texts were written by Giada dalla Bontà and Rinus Van Alebeek.

More info will follow soon.