Poem by Rébus

Poem by Rébus – chrome : 2 x 5 minutes, white cassette, transparent library case. Handmade cover from rice paper and handwritten inlay with track titles and info. Price € 5,50 in the shop, order it : mailorder at staalplaat dot com

Emmanuel Rébus is a sound artist based in Paris. The centre point of his manifold activities ( the mathematics of music, instrument building, noise actions, circuit bending, found sounds) is to arrive at a new definition of what is music. The two tracks on this cassette can serve as an introduction to the works of Rébus.

Poem – Rébus

Face A
Yi Sang à Paris
( voice Kim Joeun, poems Yi Sang)
Face B
Found in Neukölln
8 September 2009

Additional information:

Yi Sang, a poet born in Seoul in the year 1910 had one big desire. He wanted to go to Paris. His wish never came true. He died in Tokyo in the year 1937.

Kim Joeun and Emmanuel Rebus recorded two of his poems, taken from ‘crow’s eyes view.’ The first one was recorded in a café at Montmartre close to Lamarck Caulaincourt. The second one was recorded in the metro ( line 12 ) that goes under that place.

‘Found in Neukölln’ is taken from an answering machine’s mini cassette, found on a flea market in Berlin. The sonic and dramaturgic narratives are due to the machine and its inhabitants. No effects  were added.

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