New C30 out now – Make Incest Great Again

This is the third release in the series of remixes. Previous releases were The Kylie Golden Remix Tape Volumes 1&2 and Dear Concerned Employees. The New Plastic People, Kylie Minogue, Sean Jason, Mrs Mangle, El Tonto Bing Bang, George George, kp and Kim Wild 93 made a remix of this collage and the text


The woman in the picture is Ivanka Trump.
The idea for this release has nothing to do with conspiracy

Not only political leaders,
but every human being should inspire and stimulate others
to do something good.
Authoritarian leaders create agitation.
An agitated mass of people is easy to manipulate.

Once a mass of people dominates the world we are living in,
qualities such as listening and patience disappear.
Dialogue will dispappear. Reason will disappear.
Even time, as a slowly evolving part of our life will disappear.

With authoritarian regimes and leaders a lot depends on image.
To me, authoritarian regimes and leaders inspire repulsion.

When I first created the collage of picture and slogan
I couldn’t look at it for a couple of days
without a feeling of physical disgust.
I asked for an advice and got the right answer.

Now I think, let repulsion be a tool,
and use it to create a work of art,
that helps to change the image of the authoritarian leaders.

The tapes (ferric) are dubbed at home, spraypainted and wrapped in gold.

Available through Bc or at the staaltape shop


Dai – Horse, new copies

A few new copies were made of Dai Coelacanth’s A condemned debtor does not recognise the horse. As with the orignal larger edition snippets and fragments of (found) paperworks that were sent by Dai were used in the artwork. The tapes are re-used commercial cassettes, and the lay-out and make-up of those tapes has been integrated in the artwork.

Idwal Fisher listened and wrote:

“We have a thousand dodgy Dictaphone edits each one half a second long and culled from outdoor situations where the bleed through of buffeting wind sounds like a fireman’s hose directed straight in to your ear canal. Snatches of words appear and budgies and announcements in foreign tongues, radio broadcasts are destroyed, conversations between people with middle England accents come and go, whistles and oh the madness. On yet another piece of paper there comes a type written story in which Nancy at Wiggly Green gets a ray gun or something. My brain was fried by now. That Radio 4 New Weird Britain programme never called at Dai Coelacanth’s door. A missed opportunity for both parties. Maybe they just couldn’t find him. Her. Them.”

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