Truth Series by :such: + reviews


Ed Pinsent writes in The Sound Projector

“The first one I played is The Truth About Cassius Clay, recorded and realised by a Parisian musician called :such:. The cassette has a hand-made collage cover, layers from glossy magazines pasted together almost like papier-mache. I suppose the first observation would be that it’s simply gorgeous, beautiful music. It’s so approachable and accessible that I can recommend this without hesitation..”

You can find the complete review here.


:such: lives in Paris. During my visits to the city I have met him and seen him perform more then once. Each time I was struck by the melodic, slightly mysterious appeal of his music. His set-up is quite simple: a few tape players and some knobs and handles to mix and diverge the sounds. I was always impressed by the overwhelming orchestral sound he got from the little machines.


One could easily put in atmosferic, or ambient to describe :such:’s music. That would be a great mistake, and also a deadening and deafening one. His is the sound of an entire city. Artists are capable of such things; they can imagine what a city sounds like without the use of any field or location recordings at all. Look out of the window, over the roofs of Belleville and whether it rains or everything is caught in sunlight, just hear a song rising from the city in front of you.


I asked :such: to prepare a release. He would have all the time. If he composed one song per month, he would have an album at the end of the year. At the end of the year I got these titles:

Chance Meeting
End of July
Hancock Park
Sanken Kobar
Sigh of Relief
Short Notice
To Form a Single Sheet

Total running time was sixty minutes. I had only twelve blank tapes in stock, all of a length of thirty minutes. The best way to make a listener wanting to hear more is to give him less. This is not a commercial strategy. It is conceptual to its very core. Once the tape is finished, open your window, and listen to the songs of your own city.

Note: I ordered new copies of course. Here’s a picture of the new ones, the second edition. The titles (see below) remain the same. New copies will be made in series of 12.


Paris, of course is a city with a long list of illustrious visitors and inhabitants. Each one with their own imagination, visions, illusions, hopes, hardship and normal life.

The twelve tapes all have a different choice from the songs above mentioned. :such: created the following titles for each cassette tape.
The truth about Mark Rothko
The truth about Genghis Khan
The truth about Isaac Asimov
The truth about Clifford Brown
The truth about Henri Laborit
The truth about Primo Levi
The truth about Eddie Constantine
The truth about François Morellet
The truth about Mikhail Bakounine
The truth about Cassius Clay
The truth about Edward Gein
The truth about Swann


Every cassette is copied with the use of my own players and recorders. The artwork is different for every cassette, a collage from pictures taken from a 70s magazine. Information consists of stamped song titles and name of the release. The tape itself is spray painted (green), with a undetectable pattern.


You can get the tape directly from :such: or (mailorder) at the staalplaat shop in Berlin.
Costs € 8,50 plus shipping

You can also order it directly from me. staaltape at staalplaat dot com costs € 8.50 plus shipping.

“I’d be more than interested to hear the whole album” – FdW in Vital Weekly.

Are you interested as well in the whole album? Drop me a note at staaltape at staalplaat com and I get a custom made C60 in your post box. Costs € 12 plus shipping.


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