Authentic rip-off

The cassette release Authentic rip-off is an authentic rip-off. What you see is what you get. A commercial cassette in its plastic wrapper is used to produce this release. The title is written on the front, so that everyone knows what to expect. To make things even more clear the following text is written on the sides: origina – l don’t listen – throw – away cassette.
On the back side the advice is given to ” pay 1 euro.” The release will cost more: 2,49 € at least.

However, Authentic rip-off is a must-have for every art student, art historian, art critic and everyone else who likes to built breath taking thought structures.

In Authentic rip-off you see the medium ( the music cassette) and message ( authentic rip-off) clearly divided. The unity is preserved as long as the seal ( read the wrapper) remains intact. Already on this level one can experience the direct connection to laws, religious consonants or Schrödinger’s cat.

Marshall Mcluhan would have been driven mad by the constant shift of meanings between the medium and the message.

But if you include history in the observation then one will see that just as the drawings of animals changed the caves of Lascaux, the pyramid of Cheops changed a geometrical unit and the Mona Lisa changed the smile, Authentic rip-off changes the concept of every product late capitalist society has on offer.

Scholars can encounter extreme adventurous reasoning if they just let go. What did scripture do to the clay tablet, and Jesus to the cross, Einstein to space and Edison to the human voice? Go think about it. But be sure to buy Authentic rip-off first. It is your portal to insights you have never dreamed of.

available at staalplaat store and at Rinus van Alebeek concerts.

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