Montreal Tape Run + reviews


Montréal Tape Run was organised and curated by Anne-F Jacques. The ten runners managed to finish the tape in a period of two weeks!
The running order and track list include individual notes of each artist involved.

Side A.
1- Andrea-Jane Cornell – Soi Cent et Un
The wind blows on the lake and stirs the surface of the water. Thus the visible effects of the invisible manifest themselves. The guideline for this piece comes from the yi-king. Cymbals. Hydrophone. Bow. Underwater recordings. Notebook. Pencil. Voice. Stray dog.
2- Magali Babin – Archives 1989-99
Taperecorder: 1 realistic 1 talkboy deluxe 3 general electric 1 radioshack answering machine. Start 1 after the other. Duration of the piece. 1 after the other.
3- Alain Lefebvre – Piece for Crustaces Tapes 2012
tape deck input      pedals      tape deck input     (window)
4- Hélène Prévost – Crayon Maçon
A mix live in my studio from 2 field recordings and one live action. Demolition of an indoor wall, 3 stone mason outside, me sharpening a pencil.
5- Anne-F Jacques – Bialetti Express
Microphone microcassettes I need a coffee

Side B.
1- Martin Tétreault – À rebours, Voyager 1
Source: “message from earth, sounds from earth”
12″ gold vinyl installed in Voyager 1 space probe.
2- Dona Silicon – Rainbow banana
3- grkzgl – Villeray, sauce western (prise 4)
Boîte à ressorts, fuzz, eq, etc.
4- N. Tobin – Tape worm
5- Joshua Bastien


Montréal Tape Run is copied at home onto a white chrome cassette of 2×20 minutes. For the packaging some confetti and a shiny red or blue metallish sheet is used, tied together with either a blue or red silk ribbon. Every tape comes with a folded colour copy with liner notes and a picture of Martin Tétreault handing over the tape to Nicolas Dion in a bar not far from a book shop and a small coffee place where I had the best cortado in my life.
Costs of the tape, not the cortado in the staalplaat shop is €6.95

This tape is released in collaboration with crustacés tapes. All tracks are recorded in the month of September 2012.

Review by FdW for Vital Weekly:
“Lots of improvised material with electro-acoustic sources and field recordings, and thus making it strangely (?) coherent in approach actually. If you won’t know better you could easily think this is all done by the same musician. Excellent work here!” (FdW)

Review by Brian Beaudry

“.. haunting … remarkably delicate … legendary … to great effect.”

Review by Ed Pinsent in The Sound Projector
“Personally I’m not only impressed by what I hear but also wonder to myself why something so fragile and marginal and eccentric should be so compelling to listen to.”

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