Four Corners of the Night – review

Out of the blue, a review appeared on de dutch internetzine Nieuwe Noten.

The review is in dutch, written by Ben Taffijn.

Tales for Tapes #7 – The British Library Edition

The British Library has bought the first nineteen releases, issued by staaltape since 2010. The cassettes will become part of the permanent collection of sound art, poetry and music. The sounds on the tapes won’t come available for download or on-line listening. If you want to see, touch and hear each single release you have to go there.

The seven copies of the first regular Tales for Tapes #7 were no longer available. After a special edition for Anton Mobin, the initiator of the TfT-concert series, I decided to make an exclusive edition for the British Library.20120528-194643.jpg


It was send without The Flag.

Collectors who are interested in acquiring a complete TfT#7-edition in an exclusive and unique package should write to staaltape at staalplaat dot com

Price is 7 x 7€ plus 3.45€ for shipping worldwide.

( Total 52,45€ )

Out now: Tales for Tapes #7

Tales for Tapes #7 is released on seven cassettes. Each of them holds a different cut up live recording of the six concerts presented at the Tales for Tapes evening in Brussels earlier this year. To fill the empty space on every cassette a unique re-mix of the six other recordings has been added.

Find the complete information + description + pictures this page