1.How to Order and List of Releases

Orders can be placed directly at the staalplaat on-line store.

You can also order from me, but it won’t give you a better price, since shipping costs from Italy are higher in respect to those from Germany where the staalplaat shop is based.


Berlin Tape Run (sold out )

Poem by Rébus ( sold out)

Paris Tape Run ( sold out )

Tales for Tapes #7  (sold out)

Brussels Tape Run (sold out )

A Day in the Life (sold out)

You can kill a Pig in July (sold out)

Berlin Tape Run 2 (sold out)

Authentic Rip-Off (2.49 euro)

Paris Tape Run 2 (sold out)

Charles Moneypenny (Joke Lanz) – Tea for Two (sold out)

Four Corners of the Night (sold out)

Zanstones für Berlin (sold out)

Groetjes uit Brussel (7 euro)

AudioZine #1 – Glenn Branca (sold out)

Montreal Tape Run ( sold out )

:such: – The Truth Series  ( 8.50€ )

AudioZine#2 – Diktat in America ( 8.50€ )

Midori Hirano – And I Am Here (5th edition -6.50€)

Jeff Surak – All Gold (2nd edition -6.50€)

Slow Slow Loris – From Monster till Mourning (8.50€)

Patrizia Oliva – Numen, Life of Elitra Lipozi (6.50€)


As from 2016 older titles will be re-issued. Keep an eye on the website or the twitter account for announcements

Note: all copying and assembling is done at home. No mini-mass production is used in the process.

“Rinus Van Alebeek maintains an intellectual rigour and integrity with his releases which, in the anything-goes world of contemporary music, is rare.” – Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector


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