Charles Moneypenny – Tea for Two

One sunny summer day Joke Lanz found himself on his knees looking under a bed. He was in a small room of a lonely star hotel somewhere in Berlin. With his nose close to the carpet he forgot what he wanted to find. Had he heard a mouse? Or had he dropped his pen, or a fifty cents piece? He didn’t remember. The smell of the carpet had brought back memories of his bed-sit days in London town. “Your future dream is a shopping scheme.” He said.

He got up and imagined himself as 77 years old, who would look back on his London years from the future, from the year 2042 to be exact. His name would be Charles Moneypenny, and he would still wear the same clothes as he used to wear when he was a young post-graduate punk. “Anarchy in the UK” would be his prayer and the wedding commemoration cup of Charles and Diana would have been his breakfast tea mug all through the years.

Joke eventually remembered he had dropped a sixpence on the floor, found it under a wool mouse, got up, left the hotel room and went home where he started working on the first appearance of Charles Moneypenny in public. Wine and gossip is what the audience could expect.

From the first two appearances by Mr.Moneypenny Joke cut the material for this cassette. Small talk, strange tunes, the cut-up history of punk and other tearjerkers and absurd monologues add up for a 30 minutes long sonic experience you could only wish for to hear it on your local radio every week.

Metamkine dit: “Un projet de Joke Lanz grimé en vieux Monsieur qui revient sur son passé musical d’auditeur. Entre cut-up, Monty Python et les histoires de l’oncle Sam !”

The first edition is limited to 50 copies, contains art work by the artist and a picture of Charles Moneypenny. Second edition of 30 copies is available as from June 2013.

White Chrome Cassette. C30. 6 euro (ex-shipping). Order: staaltape at staalplaat dot com


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