Berlin Tape Run 2 + review

The first edition of Berlin Tape Run2 is sold out.

Here’s a new edition,
Several stages of the packaging


And the picture of the tape release.


Der Tapeman hands over the tape to Joke Lanz in the Staalplaat Store

Berlin Tape Run 2, with its variety of sounds has all the charm and spell of a found cassette, the one you would find in the streets, next to a pile of waste, in the gutter, or orphaned on a low wall near to a school.

Cassettes got lost, stolen, forgotten, but at one time they were also great gifts for special, not so special or just like that occasions. For those who some day will find BTR 2 in their cassette player, this release may rise many questions.

It may also cause nostalgic thoughts, because, even if it is a 2011 release, the sounds on it are already so much history, that the whole of it works like a portrait of a selection of sound makers who happened to live in Berlin at more or less the same period.

Berlin Tape Run 2 is recorded on a white chrome 2×20 minutes cassette.


6 euro ex shipping costs.

6,95 euro in the shop.

“It is one of the most beautiful cassettes I have in my own collection. A stunt of masterpieces on magnetic tape, two faces of sound delight. Every piece is not only unique but establishes a delicate set giving life in much more than a compilation on cassette. No it is not a compilation. But indeed a collective work which draws its unity of the talent of each. Tape run is for sure a philosophy.” – Anton Mobin

“Berlin Tape Run 2 is a compilation featuring Midori Hirano, Erik Levander, Seiji Morimoto, Der Tapeman, Joke Lanz, Bandrekorder ’59, Coco and others. It’s an inexplicable jumble of interesting audio captures. Have to say upfront I don’t know the place where this is at, but I like it. It’s much more lively and spirited than your average over-processed “field recording” genre of music. The latter seems so overly concerned with producing a pleasing aesthetic experience that it sometimes bleeds the life out of its subject matter. Not this audio merzbild of arbitrary pits and beeces. Despite large number of contributions tape holds together as a coherent (incoherent, babbling) stream of data. Guaranteed 40 minutes of odd cranial stimulation with this white mouse of mayhem, where the banalities of life on the street are gradually and subtly remade into grainy patterns of truthful radio interference.” Ed Pinsent in The European Canon is Here

Side A

Midori Hirano – Spring is Back

Erik Levander – A Priori

ANY (angelaninayeowell) – tHe reMaiNs aVailaBLe

Seiji Morimoto – 22.05.2011 9pm

U+ DJ SHLUCHT – Überraschungspacket 28.05.2011

Side B

Der Tapeman – Unblack Noise + Sparrows

Joke Lanz – Royal Diaper

Bandrekorder ’59 – Pirouette

Coco – Haldolheike and the Garden of Meat

Pato – Pfand Alles Back

Side A

Track 1 by Midori Hirano

track 2 by Erik Levander

track 3 by ANY (Angela Nina Blue)

track 4 by Seiji Morimoto

track 5 by U + DjShlucht

Side B

track 1 by Der Tapeman

track 2 by Joke Lanz

track 3 by Bandrekorder ’59


no picture available

track 4 by Coco

track 5 by Pato

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