You can kill a Pig in July + Review

You can kill a Pig in July is an interview by me (Rinus van Alebeek) with Luis Costa, president of the Portugese sound art organisation Binauralmedia. The original interview was recorded in and around the Costa mansion in Nodar on one evening and afternoon in the month July of the year 2010.

James Wyness offers a precise image of the contents of the interview in his review ( published with the kind authorization of the author ). The complete review can be read on his blog
Fouter & Swick.

” This interview with Luis Costa is so much more than a face to face conversation. The topics are of real interest – change in rural society, family history, socio-political tensions in a small community, personnages from the past and present. But there is more and I put this down to a genuine craftsman’s dexterity in knowing how to let the interview run, how to interject, to question and comment, without apeing conventional procedures. We also have the sound of Luis illustrating his narrative by sketching on paper. Of course we don’t see any of this, but we can imagine all the more creatively. There is electronic interference of some sort, perhaps batteries running down on the cassette recorder. We move from place to place and between spaces, savouring the acoustic qualities of each as we go. Captivating, engaging, warm and intimate.”

The tracklist and additional information is hand written with a pencil on old (wood containing) paper tanned by time.

“Side A
Part 1
1.the connection between what was before and what will be immediately after
2. he had a moustache like Hitler
3. the colonial wars
4. manifesto
5. the bridge – two different worlds
6. serious fights – so kind and so peaceful
7. things will eventually change for ever
8. my grandfather for instance
9. the newspapers from Lisbon
10. this land protected by God
11. one sardine at the end of the day
12. farmers

side B
13. hippies in Nodar
Part 2
1. my room when I was a kid
2. a photo taken in Africa – 13 September 1963
3. the flower balcony
4. holes in the floor

Part 3
1. the wine cellar
2. the three degrees
3. chicken songs

Part 4
grapes on their way to a glass

interview (+ edit), recordings, idea and art work by Rinus van Alebeek
recorded with a Sony walkman on two hot summer days ( and evening) of the year 2010

first edition limited to seven copies. This is number …

released by staaltape, Berlin”

The cassette is a white C60 chrome cassette. On a blue strip of paper, glued to both surfaces is the typewrite information
“you can kill a pig in july” on side A and “interview with Luis Costa” on side B.

The cassette comes in a cardboard package, a white paper folded around it in book cover style: front side info shows the title, back side the basical info. All this written with pen and sepia colored ink.

Cassette and seperate liner notes are put together in a little plastic bag, a series of which was found by Margarida Guia on the streets of Brussels. The bag is closed with a few sewn stitches

Costs 10 euro,( ex shipping costs)
One copie is available in the staalplaat shop in Berlin, two copies by direct order to staaltape at staalplaat dot com The other copies are property of James Wyness, Luis Costa (2) and Barbara Gessner.

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