Dear Concerned Employees will be released on 15. December 2018

At the end of the month October 2018 employees of the Duke Energy Building noticed a strange package. They were concerned about the content. It could be a dangerous packet. They called the police.

Read about it here

I sent a request to the artists that already contributed to the Kylie tapes:

My idea is to release a one copy only tape with your contributions.
(say 5 minutes max.)
You are free to send in what ever you like.
The idea, for me, is to comfort the concerned employees,
and give some insight in our approach to the medium ‘cassette.’
You can consider the tape that I will send as a tape in an answering machine.
The employee hits play, and listens to the messages.
Your contribution can be spoken word or a copied fragment of a relax tape,
the muzak you hear when you are put on hold, or something of your own creation.
I will pack and send the copy to
Concerned Employees
Duke Energy building 
550 S Tryon St, Charlotte, 
NC 28202, 
I sent this copy

But the tracks that the artists contributed were too good to keep them for a one-copy-release.
Dear Concerned Employees is a c46, scheduled to be released on December 15, 2018.
You can preorder it now.
Tracks by Taco Bong, Kylie Minogue, KK, St_St, Sean Jason, Mrs. Mangle, El Tonto Bing Bang, The New Plastic People, Kim Wild 93
Pre-order it at the staaltape shop.
If you get your copy from Bandcamp, you will receive two digital-only bonus tracks


Take Care while ordering, buy the Cassette, not the digital album.
Bandcamp says: *The European Union requires us to charge Value Added Tax (VAT) on digital goods sold to buyers located within the EU. We collected and will remit an additional €2.40 for this sale, which represents the buyer’s local VAT rate (20% for United Kingdom).


you don’t get this exceptionally high degree of uncut humanity and honesty captured on tape every day

Audiozine #3 – Valerie Kuehne is reviewed by Ed Pinsent in The Sound Projector. He hears “evidence of a wild, peculiar talent.” Read the complete review here.

The second edition is now available at Staalplaat in Berlin (postal orders too), directly from the artist, or from yours sincerely (contact form at bottom of this post).


Earlier reviewers-

“I never had heard any other music of Valerie Kuehne, but she has a new follower!” says Johan Nederpel in Yeah, I know it sucks.

“She performs with great style,” says Frans De Waard in Vital Weekly #1032

“Sehr hoher Unterhaltungswert,” says DJ TDK aka Thomas Neumann in Hörerlebnis, Ausgabe 97 (physical copy)