Four Corners of the Night (complete digital release)

“Inexplicably compelling to listen to, although you have to give it some time to make its overall trajectory and shape more or less apparent; it could easily be the most beautiful or the most infuriating thing you’ve heard for weeks.” Ed Pinsent in The Sound Projector

All compositions come from original recordings made on 20/21 June during the shortest night of the year 2011. Recordings were made Pierce Warnecke in a barn in Montagny les Lanches, France, Anton Mobin on a walk in Belleville, Paris, Christoph Limbach on a bicycle ride in Berlin and Rinus van Alebeek on the Museuminsel in Berlin. 

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review (in dutch)

Review in Nieuwe Noten: Hannya White


Read in this review by Ben Taffijn how her work continues to puzzle and intrigue dedicated listeners.


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