The Cuckoo Edition

In the year 2013 all titles will become available as a bare cassette in a strange case. No information, except for the cassette title, will be added. The releases will pretty much look like those in the picture below. (Please Note, that Staaltape will continue to release new works in handmade packages and art work, plus full info!)

The Cuckoo Edition

The cassettes can only be bought on demand. See for a complete list of releases this page. Each cassette will cost 4,50 euro (ex shipping). This is your chance to get the rare (you can kill a pig in july, poem) or the since long sold out (Berlin Tape Run1, Paris Tape Run1).

Information staaltape at staalplaat dot com

D I K T A T in the New World of Love


September 26th – October 3rd 2012, D I K T A T performed – inside/outside – in Allentown, Washington & New York, meanwhile recording material for a limited edition documentary pocket tape audiozine cassette-only release on STAALTAPE.

released 10 August 2012
Jean Bordé (double bass), Emmanuel Rébus (dictaphones), Rinus van Alebeek (dictaphones), Harold Schellinx (dictaphones).

Out Now: Groetjes uit Brussel

Page with Full Information

“When I heard the result of Groetjes uit Brussel, I sensed that it was very close to the concept of an AudioZine. What you hear on this tape is an ever-changing tale not only of four people who live in the same city, but also a collective work of art that documents a part of their lives . All four of them have managed to visualize a Brussels through their miniatures. If you follow the storyline, you will encounter a narrator, who is not always aware of the dreams and visions that surround him. Maybe he or she can hear them, intuit them, just as much as the listener to this tape can perceive what it is to live in Brussels at the beginning of the second decade of the twenty-first century.”

Au Coeur de la Nuit- Review of Four Corners of the Night

“De ces lieux émerge une poésie constante, chaque approche conserve son style, le résultat au final donne une intranquillité surprenante, la bande analogique aidant bien les manipulations, renversements, retournements.”

“And even if the snow is only the one of some old radio left turned on, programs are over for a long time now, objects took control over our sleepy world.”

Read the complete review by Flavien Gillié on The Field Reporter. I just had to add a comment, to explain why there is no digital files available alongside with the releases by Staaltape.

Full information on Four Corners of the Night

Now in Production – Pocket Tape

Carry your favourite cassette with you in this smart Pocket Tape. Knitted from the magnetic tape of no more usable cassettes, this handy little chain armour like Pocket Tape finally dusts off the nostalgic patina. Order now for only 20.00 euro: staaltape at staalplaat dot com or wait for the next very special edition!20120603-210658.jpg

Tales for Tapes #7 – The British Library Edition

The British Library has bought the first nineteen releases, issued by staaltape since 2010. The cassettes will become part of the permanent collection of sound art, poetry and music. The sounds on the tapes won’t come available for download or on-line listening. If you want to see, touch and hear each single release you have to go there.

The seven copies of the first regular Tales for Tapes #7 were no longer available. After a special edition for Anton Mobin, the initiator of the TfT-concert series, I decided to make an exclusive edition for the British Library.20120528-194643.jpg


It was send without The Flag.

Collectors who are interested in acquiring a complete TfT#7-edition in an exclusive and unique package should write to staaltape at staalplaat dot com

Price is 7 x 7€ plus 3.45€ for shipping worldwide.

( Total 52,45€ )

Out Now: Zanstones für Berlin


Zanstones für Berlin, a 30 minute composition full of sounds songs and stories found and composed directly on odd and not so odd locations in Berlin by Zan Hoffman.

Order it, 6€ ex shipping: staaltape at staalplaat dot com

The complete story is here

Authentic rip-off by Rinus van Alebeek

The cassette release Authentic rip-off is an authentic rip-off. What you see is what you get. A commercial cassette in its plastic wrapper is used to produce this release. The title is written on the front, so that everyone knows what to expect. To make things even more clear the following text is written on the sides: origina – l don’t listen – throw – away cassette.
On the back side the advice is given to ” pay 1 euro.” The release will cost more: 2,49 € at least.

However, Authentic rip-off is a must-have for every art student, art historian, art critic and everyone else who likes to built breath taking thought structures.

In Authentic rip-off you see the medium ( the music cassette) and message ( authentic rip-off) clearly divided. The unity is preserved as long as the seal ( read the wrapper) remains intact. Already on this level one can experience the direct connection to laws, religious consonants or Schrödinger’s cat.

Marshall Mcluhan would have been driven mad by the constant shift of meanings between the medium and the message.

But if you include history in the observation then one will see that just as the drawings of animals changed the caves of Lascaux, the pyramid of Cheops changed a geometrical unit and the Mona Lisa changed the smile, Authentic rip-off changes the concept of every product late capitalist society has on offer.

Scholars can encounter extreme adventurous reasoning if they just let go. What did scripture do to the clay tablet, and Jesus to the cross, Einstein to space and Edison to the human voice? Go think about it. But be sure to buy Authentic rip-off first. It is your portal to insights you have never dreamed of.

available at staalplaat store and at Rinus van Alebeek concerts.

Out now: Tales for Tapes #7

Tales for Tapes #7 is released on seven cassettes. Each of them holds a different cut up live recording of the six concerts presented at the Tales for Tapes evening in Brussels earlier this year. To fill the empty space on every cassette a unique re-mix of the six other recordings has been added.

Find the complete information + description + pictures this page