Patrizia Oliva – Numen, Life of Elitra Lipozi + Reviews

“The great success of the project is that it actually sounds like a dream-in-sound” says Continuo

“A nice not-quite-there quality, slightly balmy…Voices, loops, and even some vaguely operatic elements are refashioned by Oliva into something personal and strange.” says Ed Pinsent in The Sound Projector

“Oliva takes you on quite a fascinating ride…<snip>…Great tape in the usual handmade Staaltape fashion.” says FdW in Vital Weekly

“In questi casi il prezzo per copia dovrebbe lievitare al di sopra degli 80 €.” says cassettophobian in sands-zine

“Ganz grosses Kino,” Thomas Neumann in Hörerlebnis 097 (physical copy).


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I know Patrizia Oliva since the year 2005. Then she lived in a factory space in Vigevano, a comfortable train ride’s distance from Milan. Artists who worked in the fields of extreme marginalised music and sound, found a welcome home in her basement, where she set up regular shows. She was one of the few Italian persons, who had the decency to answer a simple mail and even made it follow by an invitation.

In her early years she used voice, loop station and a couple of objects or small musical instruments. She could build a song from spot on. But she has grown into new directions, which, of course are also the old directions. Location recordings, vietnamese flute, synthesisers and tape recorders have been added to her instruments.

It is of no use to start the description of the tape from a technical point or sum up the content, like, you hear a song, and a melody and a recording and a voice.

This is a concept album. Objects like old photographs, a pair of shoes, a box full of magazines from the 1930s, a cupboard with a single shirt in it, rooms in the halfshade of silence come to mind. Listening to this album is like entering the house of somebody who has gone years ago, and left her personal belongings behind.

Patrizia Oliva entered this imaginary or real house, touched the things, listened to sounds caused by her footsteps. There is lightfall obscured by dust, a sense of someone waiting. She received emotions and images and in a strange process in her mind and body these emotions and impressions got reproduced, and they sounded like the songs and melodies and recordings and voices on this album.

Listen and hold your breath, and be happy you got one copy of this tape.

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Please note that this album is dedicated to Oliver Sacks. For some unexplainable reason I mistook the h for a k and misspelled the name. Because of technical reasons I couldn’t adjust the mistake. Please do this at home when you get the tape out of its wrap.

Patrizia Oliva – Numen, Life of Elitra Lipozi is a 40 minute cassette of chrome quality.
The first edition is limited to 20 copies.

Notes to the Second Edition

Twenty more copies are made of Patrizia Oliva’s Numen in a second edition. I went to the banks of the river Vistula in Warsaw to do the spraying, together with Anna Wójtowicz. For the wrapping I re-used big posters that announced Komuna // Warsawa’s theater productions. The liner notes are printed on 120gr or 150gr paper.

The copies can be bought at staalplaat or directly from Patrizia Oliva.



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“Oliva takes you on quite a fascinating ride…<snip>…Great tape in the usual handmade Staaltape fashion.” says FdW in Vital Weekly