The Last Day on Earth – C30 with Midori Hirano and Kris Limbach

I had the idea years ago. The C60 The Last Day on Earth had to become the follow-up of The Four Corners of the Night. I asked four artists. Each artist got a different score. The score was either a short story or a kind of poem. I never got four satisfying contributions in return. Two pieces were in line with the concept. I thought that I could use those two compositions, some fragments from the others and create an audio-book. My ambition was obstructed by reality. I put the release on hold for a long time. Midori and Kris were incredibly patient. read more.

New Releases

The first copies of Ben Roberts – Unit Audio and Midori Hirano/Kris Limbach split – The Last Day on Earth are already sold. I still need to do some time-consuming work to update all the pages and give you as much information as possible.

However, you can get in touch through Fb or by contacting me via staaltape at staalplaat com if you are interested in buying one of these or both releases.

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